Customer Terms and Agreements

Terms and Conditions:

  • I am at least 18 years of age and I am eligible to sell tobacco and tobacco related products in the United States.
  • I understand that all products offered for sale by the National Tobacco Alliance are intended primarily for use with tobacco and other legal smoking herbs. I also understand that the secondary purpose of these products is as collectors items.
  • I agree to sell these products only for NTA's intended purposes as stated above and to represent the products in no other way or for any other purpose to neither NTA representatives nor the general public.
  • I understand that I am accepting all legal responsibilities in relation to my purchase and sale of NTA's products. Additionally, I am stating by this agreement that it is legal to sell these products in the location that I intend to operate and that these products fall within my community's standard for tobacco accessories.
  • I agree to make full payment for all items ordered by myself or representatives of myself and/or my company and that I am obligated to make said payment once the order has been received. I further understand that all payments must be made payable to NTA.
  • Further more, I agree to make full payment on all COD charges and orders and I understand that if I fail to pay these charges I may be charged additional processing fees.
  • I also understand that any remarks made by myself or by any representative of my company that may indicate the intention of illegal use of any NTA product will result in the immediate suspension of my account for review and most likely termination.

I do here by agree to all of the above terms and conditions.
I also state that I meet all herein defined conditions for distributor status.

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